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On-line Ticketing Platform

Tickets for the 58th Thessaloniki Internatinal Film Festival

Buy your festival tickets online. Tickets are available for Olympion and Pavlos Zannas theatres at Aristotelous square and for the PIER: Frida Liappa, Tonia Marketaki theatres in Warehouse D, and Stavros Tornes, John Cassavetes theatres in Warehouse 1. Online purchases are available up to 2 hours before each screening.

Simple Registration

Register online and save time each time you need more tickets!

Secure Payments

Complete your payments via the Viva Wallet safe environment

Print your reservation

Print your reservation and get your tickets at any Festival Box Office in Aristotelous square or the Pier.

TIFF Venues

Olympion (Aristotelous square)
Pavlos Zannas (Aristotelous square)
John Cassavetes (Warehouse 1, Pier)
Stavros Tornes (Warehouse 1, Pier)
Frida Liappa (Warehouse D, Pier)
Tonia Marketaki (Warehouse D, Pier)

Film Info

Contact us

  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  • Aristotelous square 10
  • 546 23 Thessaloniki
  • Tel.: +30 2310378400
  • e-mail: ticketing@filmfestival.gr

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